Flip Cup is a simple drinking game that requires one plastic disposable cup per person, a table, and beer. Each person's cup is filled with the same amount of beer. When it is time for someone to drink, they must chug all of their drink and then attempt to flip their cup upside down. This is done by placing the cup right-side up on the edge of the table so that it is halfway off the table, and pushing the bottom of the cup up to flip it. The cup is successfully flipped when it is standing mouth-down on the table.

What You Need to PlayEdit

  1. More than one person, preferably a large group.  Though flip cup can work as a two person drinking game.
  2. One cup per person.
  3. A table.
  4. Beer.

How to Set up the GameEdit

Fill each player's cup with the same amount of beer, and set each of the cups on the table. Each person stands in front of their own cup.

Many people only fill the cups about 1/8th of the way at most, but the amount is entirely up to the agreement of the people playing.



  • When playing the game in rounds, it is every person for themselves.
  • At a signal ("Go!", "Drink!", "Start!", etc.) everyone toasts (picks up their cup and touches them with the other cups, then touches them back to the table) and then begin drinking.
  • Once someone completes their drink, they flip their cup.
  • The last person to flip their cup is dropped from the game, and the remaining players go for another round.
  • This is repeated until there is a single winner.


  • Each team must have an equal number of members.
  • At the signal, the first person from each team toasts and begins drinking.
  • Once someone has successfully flipped their cup, the next person in their team starts to drink.
  • The first team to have all its members successfully flip their cups wins.