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Drawbridge is a game created on the campus of Lock Haven University. In short, this game is about getting drunk as quick as possible. Great for pre-gaming or ending a night. A quick paced card game which can only be played with 2 people and a full deck of cards.

What you Need to Play Edit

  1. Two Players.
  2. One full deck of cards.
  3. Any alcoholic drink. (Beer works best.)

How to Set up the Game Edit

The game is actually quite simple. After you have selected the two players, discard 1 card from the deck, creating 51 cards. Once you have done this, deal the cards evenly until each player has 25. The only remaining card gets placed face up in the the center of the table(this is the base card). From here you take turns flipping cards onto the center card (creating a new base card with each draw).

Rules Edit

The rules to the game make it so that every card drawn makes one person or the other drink. There are no times that someone at the table isn't drinking. Always remember as the person drawing at the time that lower is better. After drawing a card one of three things can happen.

  1. Card is lower than the base card. Opponent drinks. The opponent drinks the difference in card number. For example: base card 7, drawn card 3 - opponent drinks 4.
  2. Card is higher than the base card. Drawing player drinks. The player drinks the difference between the two cards. Example: base Card 7, drawn card Jack - player drinks 4.
  3. Card is equal to the base card. Both players drink 1 drink.

Always remember, if someone isn't drinking, you are not playing right.

Face Card Representation Edit

  • Jack: 11
  • Queen: 12
  • King: 13
  • Ace: 14