Casino is a classic drinking game of bluffing that is far more nuanced that it seems.

Needed To Play:

One Pair of Dice

One Ceramic Coffee Cup


Understanding the Rolls:

The two Dice together make one number.  So a 5 and a 4 make 54 (fifty four).  A 6 and a 4 is a 64.  The object is to have the highest score, so a 64 beats a 54. 

Doubles are higher than singles, so a double 1 (1 and 1) beats a 65.   Obviously a double 2 beats a double 1 and so on.

Special Rolls.

A 2-1 is a Casino.  Upon Rolling a Casino, the player who rolls it immediately reveals the roll to the table and is able to assign any player of their choosing to drink a 12 ounce beer.  There is no bluffing Casinos.

A 4-2 is a Flying Casino.  Upon Rolling a Flying Casino, the player keeps the roll concealed and passes the cup to ANY player of their choosing and declares “flying Casino”.  The player must choose to either drink HALF of a 12 ounce beer or see if the roller is bluffing by revealing the roll.  IF the dice are a 4-2, the person calling the bluff must drink an ENTIRE 12 ounce beer.  If the roll is NOT a 4-2, the roller loses their turn and must drink an entire 12 ounce beer.


The players sit around a table and roll the dice inside the cup and privately look under the cup to see what they rolled.  Careful not to move the dice or turn the dice, the player passes the cup with the dice hidden under the cup to the player to their right and declares a score.   The player’s score MUST beat the previous roll or the player can simply declare defeat, forfeit their turn and take a drink.  However, the player does not have to be truthful about their roll. 

The player who is passed the dice has a decision to make.  They can call the bluff and pick up the cup.  If the dice ARE what the previous player called, the caller must take a drink and the previous player gets to roll again.  If the dice ARE NOT what the previous player called, the previous player must take two drinks and lose their turn.

Most important rule: HAVE FUN!  The least suspecting people are usually the best bluffers!

Oh, yeah…  One more thing… Why don’t you drink this Flying Casino!