Carmine is the latest version of the classic CHEERS game.  In each episode of CHEERS, whenever Norm entered the bar everyone would yell out “NORM!”

This drinking game works in a similar fashion and works best over a stretch of time where other drinking games are going on.

The Rules

1.     Pick a person outside the group who is playing the game.   In an office environment, pick someone in another department.   In a home environment, pick a relative, sibling or parent who is not part of the game.  At a party, pick a late arriving guest or a pet (best with multiple pets running around with one designated The Carmine).  This game is named after a co-worker named Carmine who works for the Executive Office.

2.     Whenever The Carmine enters the room everyone must yell the person’s name, in this case “CARMINE!”  The last person to yell “CARMINE!” is forced to drink.

3.     In addition, whenever anyone who isn’t Carmine enters the room anyone who jumps the gun and yells “CARMINE!” is forced to drink.

4.     In fact, anyone who says “Carmine” at all for any reason has to drink.

5.     As the drinking escalates people will be yelling “CARMINE!” for no reason or forgetting to yell “CARMINE!” when The Carmine enters the room.